Friday 25 05 2012

Our New Time table

Gymnastics Skills

2 min AMRAP Unbroken double unders

Rope Climb


2 Rope climb
4 Muscle-ups
10 Wall Balls 20lb (14lb)
Run 300 row

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Thursday 24 05 2012

Our New Time table

3 rounds for time of:
Run 900 meters
15 Box Jumps 24” Box
15 KB swings 32(24kg)
40 Double-unders
15 Push-ups, hand must release from floor
15 GHD sit ups
5 wall walks

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Wednesday 23 05 2012

Reminder tonight’s sessions are:

5:30pm WOD
6:30pm Weight Lifting Skills
Our New Time table

Weight Lifting Skills @ 6:30pm tonight

Working on the Snatch

Regionals 2012 WOD 4

For time:
50 Back squat 61(43kg)
40 Pull-ups
30 Shoulder-to-overhead 61(43kg)
50 Front squat 40(30kg)
40 Pull-ups
30 Shoulder-to-overhead 40(30kg)
50 Overhead squat 30(20kg)
40 Pull-ups
30 Shoulder-to-overhead 30(20kg)

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Tuesday 22 05 2012

Our New Time table

Push press 2 reps Every minute on the minute for 10min

3 Rounds for time
10 x Overhead squat 60 (40kg)
50 Double-unders

Get your time for the first WOD move straight into this.
3 rounds
200m row
20 wall ball 20lb (14lb)

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Monday 21 05 2012

Our New Time table starts Today 

Amazing weekend Judging at the CrossFit Games Regionals in Wollongong. Looking forward to next year having some of you compete.The Regional results are.Teams: 1st Schwartz’s CrossFit Melbourne (VIC), 2nd CrossFit Athletic (NSW), 3rd Tropic Thunder (QLD) Women: 1st Kara Gordon (CrossFit Roar, QLD), 2nd Ruth Anderson Horrell (CrossFit Invercargill, NZ), 3rd Denae Brown (Schwartz’s CrossFit […]

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Sunday 20 05 2012

Enjoy the rest day Coming to you from the CrossFit Games Regionals Woolongong Day 3.

Check out all the action of the Regionals





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Saturday 19 05 2012

8am – Weightlifting

Power Clean

Double front squat

power jerk

Dead lifts

Clean Pulls

9am – WOD

400 meter run
15 Power Cleans 40kg (30kg)
15 Wall Balls 20lb (14lb)
15 Kettlebell swings 24kg(16kg)
400 meter run
15 Box jumps 24″ (20″)
15 Power Cleans 40kg(30kg)
15 Burpees
15 Squats
15 sit ups
400 meter Run

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CrossFit Games Regional day 1

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Friday 18 05 2012

No sessions today

Due to the CrossFit Regionals been held this weekend, I am  in Wollongong Judging, therefore Friday 18th there will be no classes.

Classes will resume Saturday as normal.

Fridays home WOD


For a time

50 Situps
50  double unders
50 Push ups
50 walking lunges

post time to comments.

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Thursday 17 05 2012

Sessions 6am, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm

We are Closed this Friday 18th due to Crossfit games regionals  open this  Saturday 19th as normal

Back Squat

2- 2 -2

3 rounds for time
30 Pull-Ups
30 Box Jumps
30 Burpies
800m Run

Post load and time to comments.
Killing the Fat Man: Episode 9

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Wednesday 16 05 2012

Sessions 7am, 8am, 12pm,  6pm and 7:30pm

Sumo Deadlift 5 -5- 5

Sumo deadlift high-pull and Hand release push-up
In the first minute complete 1 SDHP and 1 HR push-up, then second minute 2 SDHP and 2 HR push-ups and continue for 20 minutes or until you are no longer able. If you dont make it to 20 […]

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