Making your own nut milks is easy, fun and cheap! It’s always fresh; no preservatives, added sugars or salt, nothing artificial at all.
You can make nut milks from pretty much any nut or seed; almonds, brazil, macadamia, cashew, walnut, hazelnut, and sesame, sunflower, pumpkin and even quinoa. Below is my basic nut milk recipe, with some optional ingredients and also a really delicious smoothie.

Almond Milk

You will need:
-A high powered blender (I use a Thermomix, but Vitamix’s, Blendtech’s and the latest Breville all work well)
-A 50 x 50cm square of cheesecloth/muslin, a chux wipe, or a nut milk bag (which is very fine mesh)
-A large bowl
-A glass jar with a screw top lid or one with a flip that has rubber suction around the lip


-1 cup raw, un-roasted, plain almonds
-4 cups of purified water


-1 Vanilla bean pod, scraped
-2 medjool dates, pitted
-1/4 tsp rose water


-Soak the almonds in 2 cups of water for at least 6 hours
-Drain and rinse well, then add to blender with 2 cups of water (add optional ingredients here if using)
-Blend for a minute, or until you can’t hear the almonds hitting the jug
-Place the cloth or nut milk bag into your bowl
-Pour the milk on top of the cloth, a small amount at a time, and squeeze out as much milk as possible
-Continue until the almond meal is dry

Your almond milk will last about 3 days in the fridge. It will settle, so shake it before each use. I have also frozen it in ice cube trays before, which is great if you want to add it to a smoothie quickly in the morning. You can use the same method for any nut or seed; just remember that each nut and seed has its own distinct flavour- cashews are very creamy and sesame seeds can be bitter. If you want a ‘thinner’ consistency, use another cup or water, and less water for a richer, creamier milk.

What can you do with your fresh almond milk and the leftover meal?

You can do so much!
-Enjoy with my delicious granola, or over your favourite cereal/porridge
-Add to your tea or coffee
-Bake with it (try it in banana bread!)
-Use it in your favourite smoothie
-Dry the meal in a low oven and use it in baking
-Use the meal as a body scrub- add some essential oils and some almond oil and massage it into your skin

Amazing Almond Smoothie

Serves 1

-1 cup fresh almond milk
-1 cup water
-1 tbsp coconut butter
-1 cup frozen raspberries
-1 tsp barley grass powder
-1 tsp chia seeds

-Blend until smooth

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