New to CrossFit

Our CrossFit program supersedes regular Bootcamps and Personal training in many ways. The training is a combination of gymnastics, weightlifting, olympic lifting, regular cardio activities and all other types of functional movement, performed in a group setting with full instruction from our coaches.

We have made the starting process very easy at CrossFit Ringwood…

    • Come in to one of our FREE Beginner/Trial Sessions.


Spring Special 3 Beginner sessions &  10 sessions for $175* $100 Saving


Buy a 3 session Group Beginner pass for $49(1).

3 session beginner package

Throughout the 3 sessions the majority of Crossfit movements will be covered. Each session will incorporate a workout applying what has been taught as well as other information such as Nutrition, Recovery, Rest, Intensity, Injury Prevention, Scalability, Mobility, Speciality Classes and Competitions.

Once the 3 sessions are complete you will have a One on One chat with one of our coaches in regards to joining the Mainstream classes.

This method is affordable for everyone, keeping in mind you are getting 3 hours of personal training in a group environment at a cost of $17 per session. A personal trainer can cost anywhere from $65 to $150 per hour. Our CrossFit program is fantastic value.

Want to Fast Track your Beginner sessions?

Get started quicker by doing one on one sessions with one of our trainers at a fee of $40 per session. You are required to attend 3 sessions, which will cover all the information we would cover in the group Beginner classes.

These classes will be run outside of normal class times. To get started today! 

Questions? Please do not hesitate to email

If you already have CrossFit experience…

Visiting Crossfitters are always welcome to CrossFit Ringwood, whether you are from overseas, interstate or another local box. If you are a member at another CrossFit or have been regularly Crossfitting for at least 3 months, you are welcome to drop in to any of our regularly scheduled classes.

            All Crossfitters Dropping in must:
  • Contact Us and register for the class you would like to attend in advance – We do not accept any visiting CrossFitter into our classes without doing this prior to the class.
  • You can register for classes up to 2 weeks in advance and as late as 1 Hour before the class is scheduled to begin
  • Pay the $25 drop-in fee
  • Arrive for your first class at least 15 minutes early to fill out a waiver form and introduce yourself to the coach.

(1)* conditions and exclusions apply.  Please read our Terms & Conditions