Rest Day!
With the Crossfit Ringwood Comp coming up within the month!

With many of you only doing Crossfit for short time, or competed in the in the Crossfit Games Open was one of the best things that can be done for your self-confidence and competitive drive. When a local competition appears, we always hesitate to register since we consider ourselves one of the weakest, and slowest people in the box, but decide to give it a try anyway and despite the extreme difficulty, pressure, and stress, we never regret it for one minute!
If you have thought about doing a competition before but have reservations, stop over-thinking it and just do it.

Discover how your body works under pressure.

When the clock is running and you have 4 minutes to do as many as you can. You’ll do one and even surprise yourself with more.

Remember that 45kg Clean and Jerk that you had a mental struggle with anytime you walked up to the bar? When you have one minute to do two burpees and a clean and jerk, not only will you hit your max, but you will also continue to achieve your personal best.

Your body is capable of doing so much more than you think, and in the weeks prepping for the competition or during the competition itself, you will be amazed at what you will accomplish.

There will be lots of motivation from following CrossFitters and family members.

The atmosphere is less scary than it seems.

You will be surrounded by more fit people than you ever could imagine; take your typical WOD class and multiply it tenfold. Everyone is there for the same reason, and even though it is a competition there is so much love and support in one room. Coaches and athletes from other boxes will encourage you, give you tips, and you may even develop some new friendships.

People will think you are a bad-a**.

If you tell any of your non-Crossfitting friends and family that you willingly woke up at 6am on a Sunday morning to put yourself through multiple, intense, torturous events, they will likely think you are crazy.

When you tell someone that you attempted 150 14lb# wall-balls in 12 minutes, more than once, they may not understand, but will silently be jealous of your dedication.

Special bond with other competing athletes.

Everyone competing is doing the same workouts as you. During the Open, thousands of people across the world were doing the same WODs. Everyone has the same moans and groans about the workouts and those outside just don’t understand.

You will develop closer relationships with those within your box as you prep for the competition together, and even closer relationships when you spend more time together outside of the normal classes.

You will think you are a bad-a**.

You’re doing a competition; you are oneIt wasn’t until you compete in the Open that you truly recognized your potential as an athlete.

Join the Comp today its for everyone here!

Crossfit Ringwood club comp Flyer