Rest  day!

Good luck to you all who are taking part in the Melbourne Marathon. Adam, Brock, Emily and Simon

You missed out on attending a Great Obstacle Race!
On Sunday 6th October, 2,352 hardy souls ventured out past Ballan (about a 90 minute drive away from Melbourne) to complete the 15km Spartan Race

Amongst that number were some of CrossFit Ringwood’s finest, seeking a challenge and looking to create a fond memory.

And that’s what we got.

After crawling under barbed wire, leaping walls and flames, climbing ropes and wading through mountains of mud, the CrossFit Ringwood team crossed the finish line for a celebratory lucozade / in three hours and thirty minutes.

It’s a strange thing to voluntarily put yourself in for a challenge like this for no apparent reason but it really was a great day.

Here are some of the comments from the team:

“It was great to be a part of the day. I enjoyed it all. I just have a few scrapes and bruises and legs are a little stiff. Great fun though and I would gladly do another when the time comes around.” – Phil

“It was a great experience, delighted to have done it. I’m nowhere near as sore as I thought I’d be!” – Michelle

“Yesterday was a lot of fun! Feeling a little sore today but very proud.” – Paul

I definitely echo the thoughts of the team. It was an invigorating day out in a beautiful landscape doing things I hadn’t done since being a kid.

These events are created for people who know they need to train but have nothing to train for in terms of performance. It really tests all elements of fitness demanding ample levels of strength, power, endurance, co-ordination and mobility.

What was really satisfying was seeing the team perform so well and complete some really tough obstacles. It really showed the value of improving strength and mobility.

Thorough preparation is what intelligent fitness is all about.

How comforting / liberating is it to commit to finishing something

P.S. Looking at Participating in the next one
The next Spartan Race in Melbourne is in May next year but if you’re interested in racing as part of team for an obstacle race before then, just register your interest with us and we’ll get you to the finish line feeling good.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!