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CrossFit Ringwood Club Challenge 2013 & Xmas Party

There will be two divisions for RX and Scaled Athletes.

Why everyone should Compete?
Competition means different things to each athlete, but one thing is for sure – Competition is for everyone! Many of the gym members who participated in the 2013 CrossFit Open found this out & Last years in house competition.

Test Yourself
CrossFit is the Sport of Fitness, and we practice it every day. While the daily WODS at are created to be ‘testing’, they have also been created to build your Fitness! Imagine spending 3 days out of every week training for sport, but never ever playing in an actual game.

Experience  Competition 
Those who are still not convinced nothing brings you closer with your fellow gym mates then suffering through a few WODS, then talking about it over some beers and a bbq. It’s the chance to experience what it like to WOD multiple times a day, have a judge, and push yourself hard! Like a Games athlete,  the last time you got cheered on by a crowd was probably in high school. Its an amazing experience.

Improve Your Abilities / Help Set Goals
CrossFit is a continual journey of self-improvement. Competitions just give us that extra drive to find our weaknesses and improve on them.

When: 30th November 2013
Competition starts: 8am

The Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne 2014

When: May 2nd to 4th 2014.

Are you ready for a challenge?
It will involve a team of 4, sticking together to complete a 100 km walk\run\jog within 48 hours, starting from Wheelers Hill to Wesburn via the beautiful Dandenong National Park.

If you are interested please let Tristan know before 28th October so we can register multiple teams – remember places will sell fast.

The Spartan Race CrossFit Ringwood Crew

Spartan Race Super Team