We are a Vegan and Vegetarian friendly CrossFit gym!

We understand diet can be a very personal choice, whether it is driven by ethical, religious or environmental reasons – or simply by how it makes you feel, we will never judge you or tell you things like “you will never be able to do [fill in the blank] unless you eat meat.”

Talk like that is 100% ignorance.  If you ever hear that from your coach, find a new coach.

Just to give a little perspective…

A few examples of (very) successful vegan and vegetarian athletes include:

  • Bill Pearl: four-time Mr. Universe winner.
  • Mac Danzig: Cage Fighter/Mixed-Martial Artist.  He can beat you up.
  • Jake Shields:  MMA fighter.  He can beat you up as well.
  • Martina Navratilova:  She is pretty good at tennis.
  • Dave Scott:  He co-holds the record for most Iron Man World Championship victories.  Ever.
  • Carl Lewis:  He can run faster than you.
  • Stan Price:  World weightlifting record holder for bench pressing.
  • Patrik Baboumian: Germany’s Strongest Man winner 2011.
  • Montell Owens:  The two-time NFL pro-bowler running back.

We have experience

We have several  members getting fit, strong and looking good following vegan and vegetarian diets.

Let us help you clean up your eating habits!