Take a look at the CrossFit main site, the CrossFit Games site, or just run a Google search for the word “CrossFit” and you are likely to come up with photos and videos of monster athletes performing amazing feats of strength and endurance.


Is that really CrossFit?

Absolutely! CrossFit is responsible for producing some of the most fit human beings on this planet.

If that is your goal – great!  We will help you get there.


What you might not see as much is the millions of everyday people of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels changing their lives with CrossFit.

We realize that CrossFit can come across as intimidating – and sure, we have our fire breathers – but we also have our beginners, our seniors and everything in between.  And you know what? Everyone works out side by side, cheering each other on in success and helping each other through the rough patches.

All we ask is you come on down, check us out, maybe give one of our Free Saturday Classes a try and judge for yourself.  Chances are you are going to have a good time, get a great workout, and feel right at home!

Don’t just take our word for it…

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